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PT Langgeng Dunia Selaras (LDS LIFESTYLES) is an enterprise that continuously acquiring many fascinating and promising business opportunities globally. The company gears up its business network in some urban districts and international, creating ingenious innovations to give a positive impact to the current millennial.

Having some essential business units in Hotel Management and Real Estate Development, the company is supported by passionate and dedicated team that bring new vibes for the industry. LDS Lifestyles comes with the power of well-versed craftsmanship in every area, some of team members are those who have been loyal with the company and dedicated working for so many years.

We are immensely excited in searching more innovative ways to increase and diversify our line of industries, acquiring new business in today’s trends. In addition, our skilful team is providing professional services for those who is in need, LDS will be pleased

to help and bring into existence any of our valued Client’s plans.

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PT Langgeng Dunia Selaras

Address: Jl. Suryo No. 32,
Senopati, Jakarta

Map & Direction

Ph. 021.2708.5222